As the youth co-ordinator at DBL, I am proud to say we have successfully delivered our third kids holiday club.

The original plan was to develop a way to deliver, fun packed active clubs where the youth of Dartford would be able to develop and progress their social and sporting skills. In doing so we have created an environment, where kids from all over Dartford of different creeds and backgrounds can work together to help knit back a stronger and more communal future for the youth of Dartford.

With confidence from our success, we are aiming to continue our programme so the youth of Dartford can grow with a “together we can achieve anything.” Rather than alone or against each other achieve very little attitude . It has been a brilliant start with very vibrant and positive feedback, I for sure am relishing the opportunity and I’m very confident that together we can achieve this with relative ease. SO LETS BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE and together keep pushing for a more friendly and prosperous future for Dartford 

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